• 'Tis the season to be jolly...and sugar-crazy. Yes, I've spent the holidays baking and snacking on sweets but I'm still craving for my favorite dessert (for 2012): the famed Napoleones of Bacolod.

    This year I visited my lola's province Negros Occidental for the first time in my life. I spent the days by the beach or the family lot, watching chickens, ducks and goats, and of course munching on various local delicacies. While I had fun learning how coconut-based sweets and dried fish were made, it was the commercially-produced box of Napoleones (bought at the airport) that caught my heart.

    Soft, sweet and crunchy all at the same time, I didn't mind the fact that the two pieces I ate probably exceeded the suggested daily sugar limit of 8 teaspoons.

    Napoleones is a puff pastry with a flaky crust and layered with custard cream and glazed sugar. Interestingly, the ones we bought with the brand Merci had custard with jam-like consistency. Still, it tasted terrific. Maybe one of these days I'll attempt to bake home-made Napoleones.

    While the best Napoleones are from Bacolod (land of sugar cane and therefore most things sweet), you'll find some pasalubong outlets in Manila offering the local delicacy.

  • I'm not really a fan of Red Ribbon but their Ultimate Chocolate Cake exceeded my expectations. It was a bit moist and definitely chocolate-y. One of these days I'll make a list of my favorite chocolate cakes...


  • I was only recently introduced to lechon-shaped bread which tastes nothing like lechon and very much like ordinary bread. Still, I find it amusing and cute. There are different variations, some even as big as actual lechon. This one is a bit small, even shorter than a small loaf of bread.

    Any lechon-inspired bread in bakeries near you?

  • Hungry and anxious after a day of work-related training, we decided we wanted something Vietnamese but couldn't find Pho Hoa. We passed by Pho Bac instead, its white interior simple and inviting. The food was pretty good although not as expensive as Pho Hoa's.

    We ordered Steamed Rolls (P120) for appetizer, the cold cuts complimenting the mild and refreshing taste of the rolls.

    Their Kangkong with Panfried Beef (P130) was also fresh and tasty (my only preference when it comes to veggies).

    Our light dinner (we were well-fed by our hosts earlier) was mainly a big bowl of noodles. Unfortunately, I couldn't recall the name of the dish but it was chicken-based.

    Their pandan pudding (P45) was so much like our local kakanin, though much lighter with coconut cream and sesame seeds.


    Location: Glorietta 3.

    You may check their menu here.

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