• Pho Bac

    Hungry and anxious after a day of work-related training, we decided we wanted something Vietnamese but couldn't find Pho Hoa. We passed by Pho Bac instead, its white interior simple and inviting. The food was pretty good although not as expensive as Pho Hoa's.

    We ordered Steamed Rolls (P120) for appetizer, the cold cuts complimenting the mild and refreshing taste of the rolls.

    Their Kangkong with Panfried Beef (P130) was also fresh and tasty (my only preference when it comes to veggies).

    Our light dinner (we were well-fed by our hosts earlier) was mainly a big bowl of noodles. Unfortunately, I couldn't recall the name of the dish but it was chicken-based.

    Their pandan pudding (P45) was so much like our local kakanin, though much lighter with coconut cream and sesame seeds.


    Location: Glorietta 3.

    You may check their menu here.

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    1. I like their chicken sotanghon noodles!

    2. I'll remember to try that one next time I dine there. :)

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