• Tupig

    My very first foodie blog post mentioned tupig among the first things I think about when I hear the phrase "Pinoy delicacies."

    "The tupig which hails from Norte (Pangasinan, Cagayan region, Ilocandia) is another kakanin that eventually grew on me. It’s not as yummy as the puto bumbong but it has that peculiar authentic taste. Besides, a lot of people earn their living selling these rice cakes made from glutinous rice and grated coconut. Since I was usually assigned to go up North during the election campaign period, almost every stop from Nueva Ecija to Cagayan or Baguio will have the inescapable tupig vendor offering you a bunch of these rice cakes. The way it’s cooked – over live coals – also contribute to the distinct taste."

    It has been more than 2 years and I still favor tupig among other rice cakes peddled on the road. The nutty and coal or wood-fired flavor entices me, amid my penchant for sweet things.

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    1. I miss that. Super yummy!

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