• Banana Leaf Curry House

    We wanted to try something different that night so we decided to enter the first inviting/enticing resto we saw at the Trinoma garden area. It was the Asian cuisine-themed Banana Leaf that caught our fancy, with their clean but elegant looking interiors and warm lighting.

    Our perennial dilemma when it comes to eating out is that we want to try many dishes but are constrained by our small appetites. My partner and I always find ourselves filled to the brim after having appetizers and a main dish so it's always a hit or miss for us.

    So we hoped for the best and ordered crispy spring rolls Vietnamese style (P128) as appetizer. The wrapper was crisp and light, the insides soft but the vegetable pieces firm. The sweet chili sauce was ok.

    We also shared a dish of Wok Fried Black Curry Lamb (P288). The slightly spicy black curry flavor explodes in your mouth with every bite. The dish, however, is known for being a little dry. We were also disappointed with the small slices of lamb that seemed to be buried in the seasoning. I saw other reviews where the lamb pieces were much bigger. I guess they're cost-cutting or something...

    Nevertheless, we were sated by the end of the meal. I was content sipping on my delicious Iced Milk Tea Hong Kong style (P68). My partner had a tall glass of Iced Crisanthimum Tea Shake which had that floral cologne-after taste (not as bad as you think).

    Perhaps next time we'll be able to try their bestseller dishes. :) I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

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