• Pizza Volante (Baguio)

    Having done my research on recommended restaurants in Baguio, our relatively lax Day 1 in the summer capital of the Philippines led us back to Session Road and into the unassuming two-storey establishment of Pizza Volante.

    We were not expecting much but was delightedly surprised with their exquisite soft-crust pizza. I cannot remember having eaten bread as soft as their pizza crust. It contrasted well with the toppings of their 8" Kenny G. pizza (P162).

    We also noticed that they favored white onions in their dishes. It was the first of several observations that led us to the conclusion that Baguio food is better because of the city's fresh supply of vegetables.

    This is the same reason for their fresh-tasting Pasta Pomodoro (P79 small) and their white onion-ridden dishes.

    While I am always partial when it comes to Pasta Alfredo (P214 large), my friend pointed out that she could taste bits and pieces of Knorr cubes flavoring in the curiously soupy dish. Nevertheless it was all gone by the end of the meal.

    We also had some great-tasting Fish and Chips.

    If you want a satisfying and yet affordable Italian meal, Pizza Volante is the place to be.


    Here's a picture of their menu:

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