• 50's Diner (Baguio)

    We wanted to sit back and relax a little on our Day 2 in Baguio. Afterall, we spent Day 1 all over the city proper, making a splash in Burnham Lake and ransacking the Christmas Village.

    So the next day we had brunch at the famous 50's Diner. Most of my girl friends had been there and I just had to know why it was so special.

    We got there at around 10a.m. and the place was already jam-packed  We had to wait a little before we got a booth. The place was clean and styled to look like a...well, what else but a 50's diner.

    The meals, of course, were as American as you can get. The servings were humongous. For the first time, I don't think my pictures did the food justice. My only complaint is that their servers were way behind the friendly meter.

    Anyway, I enjoyed their Pancake Sandwich (P115) which was drizzled with maple and strawberry (!) syrup and topped with crushed nuts. The crispy bacon definitely tasted well with the soft pancakes. The chicken patties making up the second layer, as well as the large cuts of fries, filled us up.

    Since we shared all the dishes, we had Mix Grill (P195) as the main course. The steak was nice, the pork chop and chicken a little dry though. The hotdog tasted like what it's supposed to taste like. How can you go wrong with processed food?

    Of course, I insisted on having a traditional breakfast meal of eggs, hotdog and bacon (P100). I was so glad they made perfect sunny side up eggs. 

    And we couldn't pass up on the Famous 50's Burger (P90). Yes, it has the word "famous" in its name and we weren't too crazy about it also. I guess we're not really fond of burgers.

    Nevertheless, we were really really full we had to stay there for a awhile before going to Treetop Adventure. I wanted to try their zipline and a full stomach is not really going to help us. It was a pity we didn't have enough tummy space for their delicious shakes. I promise to try the ube shake when I return.

    After surveying the place (yes they have a jukebox but I wasn't able to verify if it works), we took advantage of the cute all terrain vehicle parked outside. 

    With our tummies and energy bar full, we proceeded to our next adventure...150 feet above the ground.

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