• Ace Coffee Lounge

    Location: 399 Del Monte Ave., Quezon City

    I got vouchers for Ace Water Spa a couple of weeks ago. The hydrotherapy was indeed heaven. I loved their hydro-acupuncture bed and herbal hot pools, as well as their cool shower room (complete with hair blower). By the time you convince yourself that you need to get back to the real world, you'll surely be famished.

    Thankfully, their Ace Coffee Lounge serves good food. Their menu is quite interesting since they also serve Japanese food alongside usual restaurant staples.

    I loved their seafood teriyaki  rice toppings (P185). The bean sprouts were really tasty because of the teriyaki sauce and you could really taste the distinct and yummy seafood flavor. There was squid, shrimp and dory (I think). The tender consistency of the seafood contrasted well with the crisp bean sprouts. And the serving was enormous.

    The Salisbury steak was also delicious (according to my boyfriend) and also reasonably priced (less than 200 also).

    Unfortunately, the mini sans rival cake disappointed us. The icing was just too buttery (bland and oily...not enough sweetness - which is weird given that it's sans rival). So we ate it with as little icing as possible.

    So I'm not sure about their desserts (though the other cakes looked yummy).

    Nevertheless, it was kind of cool to eat by the poolside. But the cafe and the pool was of course separated by glass. They're very strict with cleanliness. Relaxation and good food. Best day off ever.

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