• Jatujak (Thai food)

    Location: The Block, SM North

    I think this is the only Thai resto in Sm North. It used to be quite a hit (been seeing a lot of reviews after it opened a couple of years ago) but I seldom see the place full. Anyway, the food is still yummy. :)

    We ordered Shrimp Pad Thai and Sate Pork. More than enough for two people. We weren't able to finish it all, even the tall glass of Thai Iced Tea (which I very much recommend).

    What's so distinct with Thai food is that each dish explodes with flavor. It always has some sweet, sour, salty and even bitter taste in its components/ingredients. It is also a little hot and spicy, and of course nutty.

    Shrimp Pad Thai is made of stir-fried rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, shrimp garnished with crushed peanuts and lime, plus some other ingredients I probably didn't notice. :)

    Meanwhile, Sate Pork is none other than their version of barbecue - with a twist: peanut dripping sauce. Like the pad thai, it's sweet with a tinge of sourness, and all other flavors possible.

    Thai iced tea or cha-yen is made from brewed black tea. It gets its orangey hue either from crushed tamarind seeds or just plain red and yellow coloring. It is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk, served chilled with lots of ice and topped with evaporated or coconut milk. A must try! Yum.

    Because their servings are quite large, it's better to eat there with a group of friends so you can sample several dishes.

    Prices are quite reasonable, especially for a specialty restaurant. Each dish costs around 200 pesos (2011).

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    1. I tried it wayback in 2010 with an old friend. ang laki ng servings nila…pang dalwang tao na agad sa isa…at hindi namin naubos (such a waste).I have to admit the Thai food was so good!:D
    2. They have a consignment here in the office cafeteria every Tuesday and Friday. Love their Pad Thai and Tom Yum. We even get free Tom Yum soup. :)

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