• The Coffee Beanery's Unli Coffee and Cakes

    Location: All Branches (promo still going on! - as of April 2012)

    Whew! I went to the TCB Kamias branch with my officemates last month and we availed of the Unlimited Coffee and Cakes promo for (only!) P150.

    My sweet tooth failed me. It was certainly "sulit" since I was able to eat four slices but the slices were thin and I thought I would be able to at least be able to eat six slices. But no. I was on my fourth slice when I felt it. The sugar rush was too much!

    I think they should ban these kinds of promos! Haha. I don't think I'll be bringing my parents there (bad for their health).

    Anyway, just don't expect that all of the cakes in the flyer are available. And they can only serve you three cakes at a time. They'll serve you the same three cakes until they are all consumed, after which you move on to level 2 (see picture below). :D

    Gluttonous dessert-lovers will definitely get a kick out of this. And it's sooo affordable, right?

    We had (see level 1) ube cheesecake, devil's food cake and sans rival (sinfully sweet). Oh and Kamias branch is also offering rice toppings which are very affordable (around P50 - think Chowking's pork chao fan).


    Promo only covers brewed coffee.

    Apparently TCB is under Cravings which is also offering the same promo.

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