• Fukuya (Japanese)

    Location: Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa

    I'm a sucker for Asian food so bear with me as I do another Japanese resto review. Fukuya is a low key restaurant tucked in the middle of fast food establishments in Festival mall. It's my second time to visit since I enjoyed it the first time and the food is relatively fairly priced.

    This time around we tried their bento meals (P100 each). Bento actually refers to single portion take-out. It's a staple in Japanese restaurants.

    The tonkatsu (breaded deep-fried pork cutlets) was pretty good. It was very tender and tasty.

    Their chicken was also delicious though the serving is disappointingly small.

    Meanwhile, my brother and I were perplexed about their ebi tempura. Last time we went there it tasted quite delicious but this one is just...blah.

    And of course I ordered Oyakodon (P110). I really love donburi meals. The sweet taste of the sauce and the onion complement the mildly cooked egg and tender chicken bits. Food trivia: Oyakodon means "parent and child donburi." It is said to be a poetic reflection on the fact that both chicken and egg is used in the dish.

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    1. woah, i also love Jap food. :) i would've loved to try this one, but it's kind of far from my place. :D

    2. tried this once. the ramen i had was fairly good :))

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