• Marina and their sizzling bulalo steak

    Location: Timog Ave., Quezon City

    I know, it's a seafood place but I tasted their sizzling bulalo steak (P255) and it was superbly delicious. The taste was just right, creamy, really really tasty, with the meat tender - and most probably fresh. The last time I tasted beef like that was at Tagaytay's Mahogany Market.

    The sauce/gravy was to die for. Bulalo steak is tenderized, marinated, then seared. It is also served with gravy made from butter, beef stock and milk cream.

    Besides the bulalo steak, we also had Tuna belly (P270) which was nicely spiced.

    It was enormous. We ate less than 50% of everything and had the leftovers as takeout. For appetizers, by the way, we tried their crispy kangkong (P105). It was yummy but I think it's mainly the thick breading (too thick).

    The food was delicious. I was so sad we couldn't eat it all.

    The ambiance (inside the non-smoking area) was nice. Like any other grill restaurant, they featured performers.

    By the way, we didn't spend that much because I used my Metrodeal voucher of 50% off P400 worth food and drinks.

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