• Sans Rival cake

    Look what the office received for Christmas!

    I love Christmas. Of course I don't receive gifts that much anymore (leave that to tweeners and below) but I always look forward to the food. Here in Congress, legislators often send out advance Christmas gifts in the form of local delicacies and knick knacks. Fortunately for us, one senator always sends a sans rival cake to his friend-colleagues. We wait for this special cake every year. :)

    It's not too sweet and not at all hard. Biting into eat feels like you're eating meringue. Perfect! Good thing Marion divides it evenly. I had to beg for an additional half slice but now I feel my throat sore a little. Uh oh.

    Food bits: Sans rival (French for "without rival") is a layered cake made of icing/filling and nuts. I'm not sure where it originated but it doesn't seem to be that popular in other countries. Any info?

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    1. Parang may nabasa ako na sa Bulacan (o Pampanga) nag-originate ang sans rival

    2. Nag-crave tuloy ako ng Sans rival cake. Hehehe. :D Sarap...and lucky for you! :)

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