• Nouveau Filipino food in Huffington Post!

    I've been out for a while (a really long while) since I decided to choose freedom and family time over blog hits. Anyway, I couldn't help but share this interesting bit of news. Apparently, Filipino food continues to be a success in the US, reinventing and evolving with the other international cuisines and eventually broadening its fan base.

    Sisig nachos from Senor Sisig

    Proof of this is the Huffington Post's inclusion of "Nouveau Filipino" in their Top 10 New Foods list for 2011. Special mention goes to Adobo Hobo's Filipino tacos and (not really new) spicy arroz caldo from brunch resto Maharlika.

    Spicy arroz caldo (photo from Endless Simmer)

    Chicken adobo tacos made from shredded chicken adobo, tacos and crema

    Apparently, "far-out" Filipino food is trending in the US right now. Endless Simmer writes,

    Everyone in the foodie world is always looking for the newest, coolest cuisine, and these days that usually means the weirdest. Well in terms of far-out food, it’s hard to beat Filipino. If you think Korean tastes are funky, wait ’til you try Filipino. These folks eat every part of their animals, they marinate their pig in soft drinks, and they prefer their eggs, um, shall we say…developed. More on that later.

    So predictably, Filipino food is having a bit of a moment, with trendy new restaurants like Brooklyn’s Umi Nom and San Francisco food trucks Adobo Hobo and Senor Sisig. But it’s not a food trend until it has a pop-up restaurant. Enter Maharlika, which started a few months ago as a Saturday and Sunday only pop-up restaurant, serving brunch at Resto Leon in New York.

    It is exciting isn't it? Hopefully people in the motherland catch a little of the curiosity and excitement too. This reminds me to finally do a review on Kanin Club...but then I have around ten posts awaiting construction. Sigh. Happy holidays everyone!

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