• Rum cake

    Besides fruit cake, another Western Christmas dessert that has reached the country is rum cake. While not as popular as fruit cake, this bittersweet, alcohol-soaked cake remains a classic. I was still oblivious to the foodie scene years ago but I'm sure that for a time, rum cake trended in bazaars (think about the cupcake craze).

    Like Kiko Pangilinan's signature sans rival cake, it has become a yearly tradition in the office to expect a certain solon's rum cake offering. We've never been disappointed. For people who don't drink (alcoholic drinks), the taste can be a little strong (and bitter). But it is pretty delicious. It's rich flavor and scent also has the right combination of bitter and sweet.

    We had to card our interns to make sure that they are old enough to take alcohol. Eating a lot of rum cake can make you a little tipsy (we've already proven that). It is also the reason why it is a must for parties without alcoholic drinks (an okay alternative, I dare say).

    Don't underestimate that simple-looking piece of bread/cake...

    They say the best rum cakes are made from Bacardi rum.

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