• Spicy Korean noodles for the sniffly nose

    Location: Mr. Ramyun, Aurora Blvd.

    I was having a bad case of colds yesterday and felt a little feverish. Although a jeepney ride away from home, I immediately thought of going to Mr. Ramyun for their spicy Korean noodles. Something spicy and hot was what I needed to declog my sinuses.

    (Read my earlier Mr. Ramyun review)

    The spicy noodles topped with beef (P39 only since it's a half serving) was exactly what I needed. :) I immediately felt better after the first spoonful. Since I asked for the mild version (something too spicy will leave me with a runny nose), adding kimchi into the noodles helps a lot. Yum!

    I decided to buy a couple of their instant spicy noodles so I can make some at home. I also have kimchi at home so I won't need to eat out for a while.

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