• CNN's 50 signature Filipino foods

    CNN Go came up with a nice article enumerating the "50 foods that define the Philippines."

    Never forget puto and other kakanin
    Here's a run-down of the list:

    1. Adobo (read about the real history of adobo)
    2. Lechon
    3. Sisig (find out where you can find yummy crispy sisig)
    4. Crispy Pata
    5. Chicken Inasal
    6. Taba ng talangka
    7. Pancit Palabok (we actually had 5 diff. kinds of pancit at this party)
    8. Bulalo (you have to taste this - the best bulalo steak)
    9. Arroz Caldo (arroz caldo in the US)
    10. Fish Tinola
    11. Kare-kare
    12. Kamaro
    13. Ilocos Empanada
    14. Sinigang
    15. Tapa
    16. Dinuguan at Puto (among our must-have fiesta food)

    Lumpiang shanghai is not really from the Philippines
    (probably why it didn't make the list) but it's a party staple
    17. Betute
    18. Laing
    19. Pinakbet
    20. Sinugno
    21. Bagnet (bagnet from Vigan!)
    22. Pancit Habhab
    23. Pork Barbecue (among our must-have fiesta food)
    24. Longaniza
    25. Lumpiang Ubod
    26. Bicol Express
    27. Relyenong Alimango
    28. Balut
    29. Inihaw na panga ng tuna
    30. Fish kinilaw
    31. Kuhol sa gata
    32. Sinanglay
    33. Inihaw na liempo
    34. Empanada de kaliskis
    35. Tinolang tugac
    36. Camaron rebosado
    37. Bibingka
    38. Suman at manga
    Yummy bulalo steak!
    39. Champorado
    40. Halo-halo
    41. Buko pie (among our must-have fiesta food)
    42. Ensaymada at tsokolate
    43. Pastillas de leche
    44. Puto bumbong
    45. Turon
    46. Pan de sal
    47. Taho
    48. Tablea tsokolate
    49. Halayang ube
    50. Leche flan

    Actually, some commented (in the CNN article) that their favorite Filipino food was not included. How about you? What is your favorite Filipino food?

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