• Tomato Kick's Buy-1-Take-1 (aka Bring a Friend to Lunch)

    Always on the lookout for great food deals, my officemates/friends and I invaded Tomato Kick yesterday to check out their Bring a Friend to Lunch promo.

    Beef with Mushroom (P160). This I loved... Tender and tasty,
    it was my favorite dish
    The promo is only valid from 12nn to 4pm. We arrived just before 1pm. I was expecting a lot of people (because of the promo) but it turned out that we're the only customers at the time. Well, Tomato Kick is mostly known as a watering hole...I was actually surprised that they were open during the day.

    Their Fajita rice (P150) was also superb. Two thumbs up.
    Things to remember:
    1. Have a copy of the coupon in your laptop or cellphone. You can save the image above or get it from their Facebook page.
    2. It's from 12nn to 4pm only.
    3. You can only order their TK Super Meals.
    4. You pay for the dish with the higher value.
    5. You have to have a friend with you. No imaginary friends (we actually asked the waitress about that).
    6. Only 3 coupons per group.
    The Tuna in Egg sauce (P180) was also tasty. You could just taste the spices.
    The TK T-bone Special (P200) tasted real good. The seasoning was superb,
    though the meat was not that tender.

    We would have probably saved more if we had another friend with us. We had to pay for another dish outside the promo since we're only 5.

    The Crispy Bacon Liempo (P140) was promising...but it wasn't crispy
    and it didn't have that bacon flavor that I was expecting.
    All in all, the promo was pretty good, except that when we got there the waitress said we had to wait for a while since the cook was still having lunch. 1. No excuses. 2. Do you really have to say that to a customer? Anyway, I was in a good mood and didn't mind (my buddies did, however).

    Besides lunch, make sure you check out Tomato Kick in the evening, when it's teeming with students and alcoholic drinks.

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