• Banana Chips

    Location: Cebu

    The banana is among the Philippines' staple food crops. Out of all the countries, the Philippines is second only to India in banana production. This is why there are a lot of banana products out in the market, including the standard banana chips.

    I'm not really a fan of banana chips but the ones my officemate brought home from Cebu (brand is Bacaoco's) was the best I've had so far. The chips were thinly cut and really crisp. The sweetness was just right. It looks fresh too - nice bright yellow color.

    If I'm not mistaken, Bacaoco's is a part of Cebu's the Fair Trade Shop (check out their FB account). Buy Pinoy!

    Banana chips are made from either fried or dried bananas. Underripe bananas are sliced and then deep-fried  for the fried variety. Meanwhile, drying is said to be a healthier process with fully ripe bananas going through a food dehydration process.

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    1. i like honey-dipped banana chips :))

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