• UP Ikot: Carinderia / Cafe Sefali

    Location: Krus na Ligas

    I've been wanting to do a review on the popular eateries around the University of the Philippines - Diliman. I was lucky enough to have dropped by Krus na Ligas with my officemates last weekend, eventually having lunch at Carinderia Sefali.

    Sefali offers various meals from sizzling plates to rice toppings. Half of us ordered big meals (P95) which in my opinion is more than enough for two people. See comparison between the big meal and the ordinary meal:

    The breaded fish fillet (as seen above) was pretty good though a little salty. I love it's crunchy and light consistency. The grilled liempo was also tasty and tender.

    I wasn't able to taste their rice toppings (P65) but my friends said they're good too. The spicy veggie squid rice toppings looked pretty yummy.

    Here's the spicy garlic chicken rice toppings (which was not as spicy as expected) and their sizzling chicken sisig (P95; which I did not like - too fatty and oily).

    The ambiance was pretty nice. Sefali had all sorts of interesting ornaments.

     Ordinary glass vs free Big Meal drink.

    Content and full. :D

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