• Tokyo Tokyo Donburi bowls (50% off)

    As much as possible, I don't want to feature popular restaurants/fastfood chains but as I am also trying to be thrifty this week, I decided to just have dinner at Tokyo Tokyo the other day.

    Now unlike other fastfood joints, Tokyo Tokyo servings are quite generous. Their donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish) meals are more than enough for a hungry patron. Prices for each bowl are below one hundred pesos (I forgot but I think it's P96 and P85 for a la carte).

    We ordered Katsudon (breaded pork) and Crab Stick Donburi (with the usual batter fried vegetables). I love their Katsudon (well, I just love Katsudon. Period.).

    UPDATE: I visited their Facebook page to share my post when I saw that they have a promo. You just send them your contact details and let them re-post the promo on your wall and they e-mail you a coupon: 50% Fish Katsudon and Crab Stick Donburi Bowls. Visit https://www.facebook.com/tokyotokyophilippines?sk=app_294513340562651 for more details.

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    1. I love Katsudon (and Tonkatsu) too, and of course anything Jap food. Hehehe. I also saw the promo a few days ago and I might as well visit Tokyo Tokyo. :) BTW, nice blog you've got here. :D

    2. Thanks for dropping by Charlene! I also love Japanese food and have recently succeeded converting my boyfriend...haha.

    3. BTW, you should also check out my review of Rai Rai Ken http://froodie.blogspot.com/2011/10/rai-rai-ken-japanese-food.html

    4. Yep, I also saw the Rai Rai Ken and Jatujak reviews. Would love to try them too! Been eyeing on Jatujak for a long time, but have never found the chance.

      And that's nice! LOL. My boyfriend and I really like Jap food. :) By the way, I'm subscribing ;)

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