• Wrapsody pilinut-filled pastries

    Location: Daraga, Albay

    Here's another yummy treat from Albay...

    Wrapsody's pilinut-filled pastries. Definitely world class. :) As their tagline goes: "Uniquely baked for your discriminating taste!"

    I'd say it's one of the best pilinut desserts ever. It's basically like baklava, layers of pastry filled with nut and syrup.
    It does indeed taste like toffee. Visit their Facebook page here and read an article about how Wrapsody was created.

    Let's support local products. :) Buy Pinoy. You don't need to look far to find world-class products. Though you can directly buy them from Albay, they often participate in trade fairs here in Manila.

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    1. interesting coz i like pili!! :D

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