• Cebu's Mangorind, Chocolate Mangoes and Dried Mangoes

    Location: Cebu

    New "pasalubong" from officemates. Cebu is known for having among the best mangoes in the world. It is therefore not surprising that they have several spinoffproducts, from the popular dried mangoes to the interesting mangorind and the tasty mango chocolate.


    Mango + Tamarind = Mangorind

    That's the simple logic behind this local product. And it tastes exactly like that. Pretty yummy. :)

    Mango Chocolate

    Please, if you are in Cebu make sure you buy a box of Cebu Best's Mango Chocolates. They are the best! The best! You just won't get enough of the dried sweet mango covered in dark chocolate. Sigh. Unfortunately, my officemate informed  me that it's not something that is usually seen around Cebu. We think it is only available in the airport. I also read some online posts that it's on board PAL. As seen in the screenshot above, they export.

    Dried Mangoes

    Unfortunately, the Dried Mangoes brand that they bought was a disappointment. It tastes...well, there's no taste. They look pretty good but not enough taste in there. Don't buy this brand.

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    1. Hi! Just want to ask how much is 1 box of your chocolate mango. Appreciate we could receive your response as soon as possible.
      Thank you.
      • Hello. Please read carefully. This website is not a shop. It’s a personal blog. As I said in the post, I am also clueless as to where they are sold. Thank you for dropping by anyway.

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